Laravel Configuration – The PHP Framework

In the previous post, we have seen that the installation of Laravel and overview of laravel . In this post, let us discuss the categories included in the configuration. Environment Configuration Environment variables are those which provide a list of web services to your web application. All the environment variables are declared in the .env […]

History of Hindi Language and Literature : An Introduction – Dwivedi Age


द्विवेदी युग ( सन् 1903 से 1916) द्विवेदी युग कविता मे खड़ी बोली के प्रतिष्ठित होने का युग है। इस युग के प्रवर्तक आचार्य महावीर प्रसाद द्विवेदी है। इन्होने “सरस्वती पत्रिका” का सम्पादन किया। इस पत्रिका मे ऐसे लेखों का प्रकाशन किया जिसमे नवजागरण का संदेश जन-जन तक पहुँचाया गया। इस पत्रिका ने कवियों की एक नई पौध […]

Available predefined error constants for the php

Few days before, we have seen about PHP errors which are classified by the time of occurrence, recovery possibilities and etc. We can decide and control, which of these errors should be displayed at the time of its occurrence, by using predefined constants available in PHP represented as the error code or error constants. Let […]