Simple Text Editor In JavaScript With Source Code

Simple Text Editor

Simple Text Editor is a simple text editing project in JavaScript. Talking about the project, it has lots of features. A user can create notes and files as they wish. This project is a web version of the official Wordpad application. It is a single page project where you can do your text editing works. […]

How to Upload and Display Image in PHP

Upload and Display Image

In this php tutorial example we do upload image using file upload and display image on same page in img control after uploading image. PHP upload is a single-line, built-in function invocation. Any user inputs, especially files, can not be processed without proper filtering. Why? Because people may upload harmful files to the server. After […]

How to Show dynamic data on modal popup using php

In this tutorial, we are going to learn about how to show dynamic data on modal popup using PHP MySQL. The Modal is a popup window or dialog box that displayed over the current web page. Bootstrap and jQuery Library Before using the Bootstrap to create modal popup, the Bootstrap and jQuery library need to […]

How to add Days, Hours, Minutes, and Seconds to Datetime in PHP

Here we’ll provide the simplest way to add days, minutes, hours, and seconds to Datetime using PHP. In PHP, using date() and strtotime() functions you can easily increase or decrease time. The provided PHP code lets you do the following work. Using the above code you can add time to current time or any desire […]