Laravel Tutorial for Beginners | How to Learn Laravel | Complete Laravel Tutorial in 2023

Laravel tutorial provides basic and advanced concepts. Our Laravel tutorial is designed for beginners and professionals.

Laravel is a powerful MVC PHP framework, designed for developers who need a simple and elegant toolkit to create full-featured web applications.

Laravel was created by Taylor Otwell. Since its initial release in June 2011 (version 1), it has steadily grown more and more popular in the PHP-framework sector of the web development industry. A lot of this popularity can be attributed to the many developer-first-minded features that it comes with stock.

This is a brief tutorial that explains the basics of Laravel framework.


This tutorial will guide the developers and students who want to learn how to develop a website using Laravel. This tutorial is particularly meant for all those developers who have no prior experience of using Laravel.


Before you start proceeding with this tutorial, we assume that you are familiar with HTML, Core PHP, and Advance PHP. If you are new to any of these concepts, we suggest you to pick tutorials based on these concepts first, to gain a better understanding of Laravel.

What is Laravel?

Laravel is a PHP framework that uses the MVC architecture.


  • Framework: It is the collection of methods, classes, or files that the programmer uses, and they can also extend its functionality by using their code.
  • Architecture: It is the specific design pattern that the framework follows. Laravel is following the MVC architecture.

Let’s first understand the MVC architecture.

MVC is divided into three letters shown below:

  • M: ‘M’ stands for Model. A model is a class that deals with a database. For example, if we have users in an application then we will have users model that deals with a database to query the table of users if we have users model, then we will also have a users table. We conclude from the example that the model is going to have a table for that specific model.
  • V: ‘V’ stands for View. A view is a class that deals with an HTML. Everything that we can see on the application in the browser is the view or the representation.
  • C: ‘C’ stands for Controller. A controller is the middle-man that deals with both model and view. A controller is the class that retrieves the data from the model and sends the data to the view class.

Laravel is an open-source PHP framework. It also offers the rich set of functionalities that incorporates the basic features of PHP frameworks such as Codelgniter, Yii, and other programming languages like Ruby on Rails.

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